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Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird

The Tale of Two Kats


Kaitlyn, her family and charming staff, whom have become like family, and Kat all work together to bring hand made with love, 'down to earth' goodness to their community.
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Kaitlyn Keyt

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Katherine Howard

Kaitlyn Keyt, a local heart felt entrepreneur, was inspired to create the ‘Savory PIES OF THE WORLD’ concept and she invited Kat Howard to come bring it to life with her fresh creative and intuitive style of cooking. Kat is the sunshine that beams out to the public as her passion for her cooking and love of her customers shines thru!

Kaitlyn grew up and spent much of her life in gold mining towns (Nevada City, Folsom, Placerville) loving the history and miners pies. She also lived to travel and raised her two sons with a love of international foods.

Bringing the history of the miners pies with America’s love of culinary adventure together has become a beloved addition to our cute little town. One of the beauties of small towns is visiting shops that like the old days are run by people who own or create the goods. People you get to know and feel an extended family of community with.

Kaitlyn is also the owner of all three ‘sister shops’ in a row in the heart of Placerville’s Main st. VibesUP, Enchanted Forest Dining experience and Savory Pies of the World.

VibesUP is her award winning and patented nature solutions shop where they offer local hand made goodies to help relieve people from life’s discomforts.

ENCHANTED FOREST DINING EXPERIENCE has become a destination restaurant drawing visitors from great distances to experience what many consider the most unique restaurant in Northern California .

Savory PIES OF THE WORLD is a historical yet NEW kind of FAST FOOD that brings history and travel into tasty, fresh, healthy Handpies ready in 5 min or take home and bake for a comforting delicious hand made dinner!



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